Class Virus
Platform DOS

Technical Details

It is a harmless nonmemory resident parasitic virus. It searches for
.COM files of the current directory and infects them. The feature of this
virus consist of the algorithm of the infection: the virus does not append
to the end of the file, but reads the file contents into the virus body:

�3 bytes – � file body � virus body �
�jmp to virus � (read buffer) � 122 bytes �
�<---------- total - 31125 bytes ---------->�

The total length of any of infected files is equal to 31125 bytes, if the
file length is above than the ‘read buffer’, the virus does not infect it.

Being executed the infected file searches for not infected .COM file,
infects it, then it copies the host file body to the normal position, and
jumps to the code of the file.

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