Class VirTool
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is a utility to insert executable binary files to Word macros. This
utility itself is a template with only one AutoOpen macro inside. When run,
this macro creates the new document WWVIRUS.DOC in the newly created
C:VIRUDEMO directory, creates the VirExeData in this document, gets a EXE
file, converts it to text data by using a filter, then puts this data into
VirExeData macro. Then this document is able to convert the text data
back to EXE file and execute it. As a result, the new document is an EXE file

The tool comments each operation with MessageBoxes. The first MessageBox
contains the following text:

This installation will make 4 items
1)A directory C:VIRUDEMO
2)Macro VIRAUTOOPEN in the Global template
3)Macro VIREXEDATA in the Global template
4)An initial virus document WWVIRUS.DOC
Whenever asked you must SAVE them.

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