Parent class: TrojWare

Trojans are malicious programs that perform actions which are not authorized by the user: they delete, block, modify or copy data, and they disrupt the performance of computers or computer networks. Unlike viruses and worms, the threats that fall into this category are unable to make copies of themselves or self-replicate. Trojans are classified according to the type of action they perform on an infected computer.

Class: Trojan

A malicious program designed to electronically spy on the user’s activities (intercept keyboard input, take screenshots, capture a list of active applications, etc.). The collected information is sent to the cybercriminal by various means, including email, FTP, and HTTP (by sending data in a request).

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Platform: Win32

Win32 is an API on Windows NT-based operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.) that supports execution of 32-bit applications. One of the most widespread programming platforms in the world.


Technical Details

When run, this program, in a loop, opens and closes the CD drive and displays the messages that are listed below. Until the loop is finished, it is possible to terminate the program only by removing it from the task list (Alt-Ctrl-Del). The program does not harm computer hardware and software in any way, but, because of its behavior, it is classified as a Trojan program.

The messages list is:

Anda pal carajo, se abri� el CD!!!
Mierda! se volvi� a abrir!
Yo creo que le tengo el truco a esta porqueria...
Cuando le doy al bot�n se cierra la puerta.
Deja ver...
Te dije que te cierres canto
Tate quieto!!!
Mira desgraciao te voy a cerrar, pero como te vuelvas a abrir...!!!
jajajajaja ni siquiera intentes darle Ctrl + Alt + Del, ya yo lo hice y no funciona!!! :oP
Te lo dije! Tienes que chuparte el programa hasta que se acabe!
Mira se lo voy a decir a Alfy, no te luscas!!!
Que rayos es esto??? no entiendo!!!
Sip! efectivamente!, jajaja esta porquer�a de computadora se cree que me va a coger de pendejo a mi!
Mas te vale!, quedate ah�
Ya, no jodas mano bregate ah�!
Good girl!!!
Te lo dije!!! voy a darle al bot�n otra vez!!!
No me crees? Int�ntalo para que veas!!!
A qu� te refieres con eso de sea la madre del programador que hizo esta mierda?!?!
Que mas me invento???

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