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Class Trojan
Platform Java

Technical Details

Java.Nocheat is a Trojan program written in the Java programing language. It makes it possible to alter the system registry and files on victim computers.

The program contains four files:

  • Count.class – size 20686 bytes. It loads the class files “nocheat.class” and executes its function Init. This program component uses an Exploit to Virtual Java Machine. The file “nocheat.class” will have access local files and the system registry.
  • Dummy.class – size 235 bytes. It contains the void function and variable under the name: URLClassLoader.
  • nocheat.class – size is 6518 bytes. This is the main component of the Trojan program and can execute several commands on a local computer. The commands are:

    – The “HP” command –
    Changes the start page of Internet Explorer

    – The “SS” command –
    Adds athe following string to the system registry key:

     "\Internet Settings\SafeSites"

    – The “HST” command –
    Adds a string to the “hosts” file in the directory:


    – The “FV” command –
    Creates the “.url” file into the filder “Favorites” for a current

    – The “DT” command –
    Creates a “.url” file in the “Desktop” folder of the current user.

    – The “SP” command –
    Changes the system registry keys:

     "Internet Explorer", "SearchURL"
     "Internet Explorer\Main", "Use Custom Search URL"
     "Internet Explorer\Main", "Search Page"
     "Internet Explorer\Main", "Search Bar"
     "Internet Explorer\Search", "SearchAssistant"
     "Internet Explorer\Search", "CustomizeSearch"
     "Internet Explorer\Main", "Default_Search_URL"
     "Internet Explorer\Main", "Search Page"
     "Internet Explorer\Search", "SearchAssistant"
  • ok.class – size 996 bytes. Contains the functions of “myDefineClass” and “loadClass”.
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