Class Trojan-PSW
Platform Win32

Technical Details

This program belongs to the family of password stealing Trojans. This Trojan
seems to be written in Chinese and is designed to steal OICQ (a Chinese
clone of ICQ?) passwords.

When run, the Trojan installs itself to the system. While installing, the
Trojan copies itself to Windows, the Windows system or TEMP directory, and
registers itself in the system registry auto-run section. For example:

Trojan full name: WINDOWSSYSTEMwinzipauto.exe
Registry key:

WindowsAgent = winzipauto.exe

The installed Trojan file name and the target directory are optional. They are
stored in encrypted form in the Trojan file at the file end. To steal OICQ data,
the Trojan also drops an additional DLL file (hooker) with an optional name. A
hacker may configure optional data before sending the Trojan to a victim’s machine,
or before placing it on a Web site.

There are other optional features of this Trojan:

  • displays a decoy (fake) messsage, and the message text
  • deletes an original file after installing into the system
  • e-mail address to there stolen data being sent (default –
  • smtp server to there the data being sent (default –

The Trojan then registers itself in the system as a hidden aplication
(service). The Trojan’s process then is not visible in the task list. Being active
in the system, the Trojan periodically sends e-mail messages to its host (hacker’s
e-mail address).

There are known “upgrated” versions of this Trojan that don’t mail themselves, and
are “Internet worms” as a result. See {“GOPworm”:IWorm.GOPworm}.

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