Detect Date 12/30/2015
Class Trojan-PSW
Platform Win32

Malware of this family was first detected during analysis of spam, in messages that encouraged users to click a link in order to learn about a train crash in Spain. Users who clicked the link were taken to a malicious website, from which the user’s computer was infected with a Trojan.

The main purpose of this malware family is to steal user data, such as:

  • Account data for FTP clients on the infected computer
  • Account data for cloud storage services
  • Browser cookies
  • Account data for mail clients

The malware then sends this information to the cybercriminal’s server.

Some malware of this family can download and run other malicious programs.

Top 10 countries with most attacked users (% of total attacks)

Country % of users attacked worldwide*
1 Germany 12.73
2 Russia 6.30
3 USA 5.75
4 India 5.61
5 United Arab Emirates 4.63
6 Italy 4.45
7 Vietnam 3.82
8 Turkey 3.02
9 United Kingdom 2.84
10 Switzerland 2.37

* Percentage among all unique Kaspersky users worldwide attacked by this malware

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