Class Net-Worm
Platform Win32

Technical Details

Randon is a Virus-Worm distributed via IRC-channels and LANs with shared resources.

When executed this worm installs its components into the subdirectory zxz and/or zx in the Windows system directory and registers its main file and the mIRC client in the Windows registry auto-run key (below):


Randon then executes the above key and hides the process via the HideWIndows utility. Randon connects to the IRC-server and executes its scripts. In addition to DDoS attacks and IRC channel flooding, Randon scans port 445 of other IRC clients.

Upon detection of an open port (445) the worm runs the batch files sencs.bat and incs.bat which try to locate open resources on the remote computer and connect to them using one of the following passwords:

"admin", "administrator", "root", "admin", "test", "test123", "temp", 
"temp123",  "pass", "password", "changeme"  

If a connection is successful the worm opens a socket on port 445, transfers the trojan horse TrojanDownloader.WIn32.APher.gen and runs it. This trojan downloads a self-extracting archive of the worm’s ‘full’ version from “” and installs it in the system.

Additional information

The Randon worm consists of the following components:

Deta.exe – HideWindows utility (WIn32 exe file)
fControl.a – an IRC script (port scanning and infection remote computers)
IfCOntrol.a – an IRC script (IRC-channels flooding and DDoS attacks (pinging different addresses) )
incs.bat – BATCH file (lan resources password cracker)
Libparse.exe is “PrcView” utility (Win32 EXE file)
psexec.exe is “PsExec” utility (Win32 EXE file)
rcfg.ini – IRC INI file (loading other scripts)
rconnect.conf – configuration file
reader.w – list of nicknames used by worm to establish connection with IRC-channels
Sa.exe – TrojanDOwnloader.Win32.Apher
scontrol.a – helper IRC script.
sencs.bat – BAT file (this file is transfered to the remote computer to perform TrojanDownloader execution)
systrey.exe – renamed mIRC client (Wind32 EXE file).

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