Parent class: VirWare

Viruses and worms are malicious programs that self-replicate on computers or via computer networks without the user being aware; each subsequent copy of such malicious programs is also able to self-replicate. Malicious programs which spread via networks or infect remote machines when commanded to do so by the “owner” (e.g. Backdoors) or programs that create multiple copies that are unable to self-replicate are not part of the Viruses and Worms subclass. The main characteristic used to determine whether or not a program is classified as a separate behaviour within the Viruses and Worms subclass is how the program propagates (i.e. how the malicious program spreads copies of itself via local or network resources.) Most known worms are spread as files sent as email attachments, via a link to a web or FTP resource, via a link sent in an ICQ or IRC message, via P2P file sharing networks etc. Some worms spread as network packets; these directly penetrate the computer memory, and the worm code is then activated. Worms use the following techniques to penetrate remote computers and launch copies of themselves: social engineering (for example, an email message suggesting the user opens an attached file), exploiting network configuration errors (such as copying to a fully accessible disk), and exploiting loopholes in operating system and application security. Viruses can be divided in accordance with the method used to infect a computer:
  • file viruses
  • boot sector viruses
  • macro viruses
  • script viruses
Any program within this subclass can have additional Trojan functions. It should also be noted that many worms use more than one method in order to spread copies via networks.

Class: Email-Worm

Email-Worms spread via email. The worm sends a copy of itself as an attachment to an email message or a link to its file on a network resource (e.g. a URL to an infected file on a compromised website or a hacker-owned website). In the first case, the worm code activates when the infected attachment is opened (launched). In the second case, the code is activated when the link to the infected file is opened. In both case, the result is the same: the worm code is activated. Email-Worms use a range of methods to send infected emails. The most common are: using a direct connection to a SMTP server using the email directory built into the worm’s code using MS Outlook services using Windows MAPI functions. Email-Worms use a number of different sources to find email addresses to which infected emails will be sent: the address book in MS Outlook a WAB address database .txt files stored on the hard drive: the worm can identify which strings in text files are email addresses emails in the inbox (some Email-Worms even “reply” to emails found in the inbox) Many Email-Worms use more than one of the sources listed above. There are also other sources of email addresses, such as address books associated with web-based email services.

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Platform: Win32

Win32 is an API on Windows NT-based operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.) that supports execution of 32-bit applications. One of the most widespread programming platforms in the world.


Technical Details

This is a virus-worm that spreads via the Internet attached to infected e-mail, and infects Win32 applications on local computers and network resources. It uses the {"Win32.InvictusDLL":Win32_InvictusDLL} library to infect files.

The structure of infected files appears as follows:

 � infected            �
 � file host           �
 �                     �
 ��polymorphic code   ��
 �� INVICTUS          ��
 ��                   ��
 ��body INVICTUS.DLL  ��
 ��worm body          ��

When an infected file is launched, the control flow is passed to INVICTUS library polymorphic code - this is done either immediately, if the entry point of the program points directly to the virus code, or depending on the host's structure, if "Entry Point Obscuring" was used. This code decrypts and creates, on a disk, the INVICTUS.DLL library in a %SYSTEM% folder, and the worm's code in a %TEMP% folder with a random file name, and then launches the worm.

The worm's file is a Windows application (PE EXE file) about 8 Kb in length, and is written in assembler.


When the worm is launched, it installs itself in the system, and then activates its routine of sending e-mail messages, and infecting Win32 files, and the payload routine.

While installing, the worm copies itself to a Windows diirectory with a arandom file name, and writes the following values to SYSTEM.INI:

[boot] shell=Explorer.exe %worm name% This is done so the worm doesn't launch upon Windows startup (only in Windows 9x/ME).


The worm uses a "ICQ White pages" search engine to find e-mail addresses. It sends a search query to the engine, and then extracts e-mail addresses from the search results (from a HTML-page which contains search results). The words for the search query are chosen from the following list:


The worm sends infected messages to all e-mail found. The worm uses a direct connection to an SMTP server, which is selected by the worm.

Infected messages contain an empty body, and its subject is selected from the following list:

Bin Laden toillete paper !!
Sadam hussein & BinLaden IN LOVE
Bush fucks Bin Laden hardly <:P
Is Osama Bin Laden BAD-LOVED ?
USA against Geneva Convention ?
Anthrax mail is true(not a joke)
Biological weapons: Preventing !
Fucking a mullah in Islamabad
O papel higienico do Bin Laden !
Sadam e BinLaden apaixonados
Bush fudendo Bin Laden <:P
Ser� que o Osama � mal-amado ?
EUA agride conven�ao de genova ?
Antraz pelo correio (verdade)
Armas biologicas: Previna-se !
Fudendo um mul� em Islamabad
Bin Landen Toalettpapper
Sadam hussein & BinLaden �r f�r�lsk
ade Bush knullar Bin Laden h�rt <:P
�r Osama Bin Laden inte �lskad ?
�r USA emot Geneve �verenskom melsen ?
Anthrax brevet existerar(det �r inget sk�mt)
Biologiska vapen: F�rhindra !
Knulla en muslim i Islamabad
papier toillette Bin Laden
Sadam & BinLaden EN AMOUR
Bush nique � donf Bin Laden <:P
Osama Bin Laden Mal Aim� ?
Usa contre la convention de Geneve?
Le courrier Anthrax existe vraiment
Arme Biologique: Pr�ventions!
Baiser un mullah � Islamabad
Xarti toualetas Bin Landen !!
Hussein & Bin Laden, ERASTES
O Bush gamaei agria ton Bin Laden
Einai o Osama apotuximenos ston erwta?
Amerikh enantia sto synedrio tis Genova?
H epistoles me Antraka,einai gegonos
Biologika wpla: Prostasia !
Gamontas ena Moula sto Islamabad

Attachment name: BINLADEN_BRASIL.EXE

The worm uses an IFRAME security breach in Microsoft Internet Explorer in its messages, so it may launch automatically when an infected message is being viewed.

Infecting files on local disks

The worm infects the following files in a Windows directory:


Also, the worm finds all programs in the Windows applog (most applications launched on the computer are registered here), and infects them. Then, the worm finds a launched copy of EXPLORER.EXE, closes it and infects the file.

Infecting files on network resources

The worm enumerates network resources (remote disks and directories), and connects to them. It tries to copy itself to network resources with a random filename to the following directories:


and registers itself in a remote system to start automatically with Windows (Windows 9x/ME only).

Payload routine

Depending on the random counter, the worm draws the following string a random number of times with a random color:


and displays a message box:

Then the worm "sleeps" for 10 seconds, and disarranges the contents of the screen.


The worm tries to find and close the following windows:

Antiviral Toolkit Pro
AVP Monitor
Norton AntiVirus
Zone Alarm
McAfee VirusScan

The worm creates the following registry key:


and sets its values so that it allows to for full access to the C: drive from a local network.

The worm deletes the following registry key:


and the following registry value:

Norton Auto-Protect

The worm writes all cached network passwords to %WINDOWS%BinLaden.ini.

The worm contains the following text:

Greetz: Alevirus, Anaktos, Satanicoder, Ultras, Vecna, Z0mbie, all ppl in #vxers
And of course, Osama Bin Laden. Keep the good job with Antrhax, man ! | #vxers
Coded by NBK[MATRiX]
Every brazilian HATES USA ... Just try to get Amazon FROM US

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