Class Email-Worm
Platform VBS

Technical Details

This is an Internet worm written using VBS script language, and it is
embedded into a Web-page on the Internet.

The worm infects the system when an infected web-page is opened with Internet
Explorer 4+ (and if its security settings are not set to “HIGH”).

The script sends a link to itself by email to all recipients listed in
Microsoft Outlook Address Book attached to the following message:

Subject: “Computer Secrets !”

Message body:

If you are using Win9x/Me, visit the following page will upgrade your pc
performance. If you are not using Win9x/Me or don’t want to upgrade your
pc, only forward this page to your friends.
Maybe your friends need it.

This URL points to the infected HTML page.

This worm uses a special way of replicating, because it sends only a link
to itself in the message instead of sending the whole worm.

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