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Class DoS
Platform Win


A denial of service (DoS) attack prevents normal use of your organization’s computer or network resource by valid users. This type of attack takes advantage of the specific capacity limits that apply to any network resources. The aim of the attack is to overwhelm the capacity of the website to handle multiple requests and to prevent the website or network resource from functioning correctly. DoS attacks can also be caused by a remote exploit that results in a system crash.

A successful DoS attack can result in increased response time, or unavailability or crash of a network service or computer.


A DoS.Win.IGMP.Host-Membership-Query.exploit attack takes advantage of a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows TCP / IP network stack and can cause denial of service due to a system crash.

An attacker can send a specifically crafted IGMP v3 packet that will be mishandled in the tcpip.sys network driver and can cause the affected system to stop responding and crash.

A successful DoS.Win.IGMP.Host-Membership-Query.exploit attack can result in denial of service.

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