Class Constructor
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is a macro Word97 virus construction tool. The constructor itself is a
Word97 document that contains seventeen modules:

DW97MVCK, frmStartForm, frmVirusSourceName, frmVirusBody, frmStealth,
frmRetro, frmPolymorphic, frmPayload, frmPayloadMessageBox,
frmPayloadSetPassword, frmPayloadBeep, frmPayloadExitWindows,
frmPayloadOfficeAssistant, frmPayloadChangeStatusBar,
frmPayloadChangeCaption, frmMacros, and frmMakeVirus.

When run, the constructor displays a MessageBox and the text “DW97MVCK v1.0”.
The constructor then asks for the virus name, output file name for the virus
source, virus type, effects, headers for prints, and status bar. There
are several effects available:

Set Password
Office Assistant
Change Caption
Change StatusBar

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