Detect Date 09/01/2017
Class Backdoor
Platform Win32

Malware of this family is used by attackers to perform Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Once activated, the malware sends a large number of requests to the targets indicated in the body of the malware, overwhelming the victim’s sites and servers. The malware is controlled by the criminal’s command-and-control server.

Geographical distribution of attacks by the Backdoor.Win32.Drivedos family

Geographical distribution of attacks during the period from 09 September 2015 to 09 September 2016

Top 10 countries with most attacked users (% of total attacks)

Country % of users attacked worldwide*
1 Vietnam 41.01
2 Russian Federation 21.77
3 Ukraine 6.15
4 India 4.57
5 Brazil 2.37
6 Mexico 2.21
7 Turkey 2.21
8 Iran 1.89
9 China 1.42
10 Indonesia 1.26

* Percentage among all unique Kaspersky users worldwide attacked by this malware

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