Detect Date 09/05/2018
Class Trojan
Platform BAT

Malware of this family consists of BAT files that secretly install cryptocurrency mining applications on victims’ computers. For the cryptocurrency mining applications, these installers use names that are similar or identical to the names of standard executable files in Windows. The malware family also includes scripts that create schedules for running the mining applications.

Top 10 countries with most attacked users (% of total attacks)

  Country % of users attacked*
1 Russian Federation 42.57
2 Brazil 5.89
3 Ukraine 3.02
4 Germany 2.69
5 Algeria 2.42
6 United States 2.29
7 Vietnam 2.10
8 Kazakhstan 2.03
9 India 1.98
10 Spain 1.80

* Percentage of all unique Kaspersky users worldwide who have been attacked by this malware

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